How to Pick the Right Motorcycle Helmet

Your safety as a rider can’t be overstated. You need to wear the right helmet from your neck up. It is necessary that you invest in a choice lid. The suitable motorcycle helmet protects you from the risk of clash accidents. It also gives you the comfort to ride without fear that June bugs will hit your eyes. But how do you choose the right one?

Find a Legal Lid

Start here. You need to choose the type of motorcycle helmet that’s accepted by your state. You don’t want to collide with the authorities. Therefore, find out what is allowed and invest in it. Check the standard which the country allows. The most common is the Euro standard.

a used helmet

Never Buy Second Hand

Manufacturers make helmets with a certain degree of resisting impact. Some, after an accident, become weaker and sustain cracks. They expose you to higher risk in the future. So, if your helmet is involved in a clashing accident, discard it. For the same reason, don’t buy a second-hand helmet.


Get the type of helmet which you fancy. Nevertheless, give preference to a full face helmet. It is necessary to wear a helmet that covers your head all around. Besides, the front cover improves your visibility, reduces wind, and protects you from particles that may hit your eyes.

Consider the Weight

Light helmets are preferable when you are traveling long distances. Heavy helmets, on the other hand, provide you with more resistance in clashes. You can decide to have both and use them depending on the length of your journey.


It’s necessary to pick a pocket-friendly helmet. But keep in mind that the lid is for your safety too. Don’t go for a very cheap price that lid as it won’t last you long. A high cost comes with added benefits. For a few more bucks, you get a helmet with a composite shell and which incorporates mote materials into the make.


Some lids leak. As you go over tests, check whether the might be leaking. Most helmets are waterproof, but that does not mean you won’t find a leaking one. Test it. Ensure that the lead touches the seal. It will ensure that you no liquid flows to the inside. In case that happens, adjust the mounting plates backward to allow them to fit tight.



Find the perfect fit, one that if you wear provides you with comfort. It is vital that you shop at the stores other than placing an order with an online store. At the store, if they can allow you to wear it a little longer, do it. You will feel pressure points which help you decide if it is comfortable.



Some Extras on Design

Different helmets may have an added sun shield, design, and colors. Some retailers sell helmets with removable inner paddings, cheek pads, and different fasteners. If you find a helmet with added specs and affordable, pick that.

Choosing a fine motorcycle helmet which offers you protection and comfort is necessary. Ensure it is of the right standard and always keep it clean. Enjoy riding.